About the BLOG

The past is not at all in one lump and the present in another, the two are so inter-fused that we keep going back to some events in the past at different times in the present. These are the events that fill us with gaiety and gloom, bring broad smiles stretching up to the ends and even wet our eyes….. The past is a part of our present that surely will prevail in the future too. And that’s about the BLOG…. Life’s Like That..!!

The blog talks about the commonplace things and events that affect us a lot or not at all… good or bad… we are a part of our lives and that of others too. The blog posts of this platform doesn’t talk about anything that’s new but it will hopefully irk your nerves and make you think over the same issues, but a little differently than before. It will either make you feel ecstatic or disgusted…Whatever it be that’s LIFE and that why I call it Life’s Like That..!! 

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