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That’s Me… Supriya Ghosh

Well, nothing much about me…. A teacher by profession but a writer at heart who yearns to put across her views on diverse issues. You can take me to be your next door neighbor; not an irritating one though; who wills to speak her mind and wants others to listen to her. I am here to take you around with me to the world that surreal and real at the same time. The world that’s meant to be Utopian but unfortunately it’s no where near, honestly, it doesn’t even stand a chance. Nevertheless, I am hopeful of my life and your life too ’cause we all surely have a bunch of those people around who keep our hopes alive. And yes! not to forget, we do have such people too who disgust us to the core and our indifference should be enough for them.

So, here am I, to talk about everything under the Sun that interests me and repels, that excites me and annoys, encourages me and makes me loathsome. Well, I expect to hear from you too on the things you liked or something that you seriously detested. You can take me as your friend, a well wisher, and we can seriously talk over a lot of things that makes LIFE. I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoy writing. Let’s have a good time here: YOU & ME together.

7 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Supriya…. beautiful writings…. your writings appreciate nature,touch relevant topics, and also helps us to ponder a lot on social issues. keep writing more… awaiting for more blogs.

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  2. Hey Supriya…I think you have an amazing flair for writing. Everyday matter but dealt so skilfully through words! So keep harnessing your thoughts and let the ink flow👌📝


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