Lessons Learnt in Time #3

At times we take such reckless decisions in life that we simply cannot help it anymore, none can. We can’t retreat, amend or take lessons from it. Life does not always bring memories or experiences. It may just cut off the thread to all of it. It’s just over forever…. Life does not have retakes. It’s just once and for all. One who does not love life gets the same in return. It’s one such scoundrel who does not comply with you ever, but with all oddities, Life’s Good!! It’s we who make it meaningful or meaningless…. Yes agreed, quite often we do lose but it’s not the end. No one is a loser because s/he loses a game, but only because there is a loss of faith in oneself.
Life is not only that thing which happened to you last month or a few years back or this one that’s bothering you right now… Come on, stop thinking about it again! Life’s about many, and many more things. It’s about that day when you danced like hell with your family or those friends, that bonfire, about that pot lunch in office when you had laughter cramps in stomach, the day out with your bestie when you shared dark secrets and then boozed like mads. Let me remind you of the day when you exchanged first smiles with your first crush. Aahhaa, it still brings a smile on your face because that was so stupid on your part. Oh God! how can you forget your ‘love at first sight’ moment which turned into a disaster. Remember the day you were dumped?? You cried man!! Cried like a baby but now you know it was for your good, you came across this next one who’s your life now. Well, I know you were loyal in your last relationship which ended on a bad note after some five or six years but at least now when it’s over you know your worth. You no longer live your life the way he wanted you to. You have found the purpose of your life, only yours. You love yourself now and enjoy your single-hood. Lord! that late night movie with friends and the walk in the chilly winter and obviously that bike ride to the place nearly 10 kilometers away from your home, for just a cup of tea, crazy thing. How did I forget to mention the breakfast that you prepared for your room mate, all burnt, that you guys ate with shrinking nose and weird frowns. That ice-cream in winter after which you couldn’t stop sneezing. Ahhh!!! that lazy Sunday, the lip smacking snacks and the elaborate lunch with all your favourite delicacies prepared by your mom after your homecoming. I know I am missing on a number of moments you had but I am sure you remember it all now… I can see you are smiling for playing a prank on your friend last week… That was hilarious! What a laugh you pals had 🙂
Life’s Like That… A spicy fulfilling platter… Tears tickle down the cheeks but you don’t stop. You continue to savour the morsels and vow not to share it with anyone. Life’s not about a single flavour. It’s sour, bitter, salty and sweet either at a time or at different times. The way you enjoy these flavour in your platter, accept these on life’s platter too.
Love life and it will love you back, for sure. And most importantly, if you can’t live for yourself at least live for those whose sole purpose of life is to see you ‘happily alive’.
I have heard and seen people committing suicide. I agree, they such a major step because they reach the ‘can’t take it anymore’ mode but I bet this mode is only temporary. This ‘not so happy phase’ of life is like a sea wave, it does break at the shore but doesn’t stay for long. The sand and the shell left behind the previous time is washed away in the latter.
Life is precious, save it for the correct people, right minute and true purpose. The people who surrender to death don’t know the aftermath of what goes around with their people, after them. I am sorry to say, but the one who clips off the strand to life is better off than those whom s/he leaves behind. For s/he closes eyes to everything and is oblivion to what takes place after the never ending journey but those who remain, spend ‘living death’. The one who leaves for the heavenly abode has her/his ‘life in death’, most probably, and others influenced by her/him have ‘death in life’ experiences till they breathe their last. So if you ever feel like giving it away, think of the happy moments, the purpose of your life and definitely the people whom you never want to be doomed to ‘death in life’.

Life is crazily beautiful, you just need to open the shades when it’s dark outside.

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