For a Laugh: Love Marriage VS Arranged Marriage

love-marriage-vs-arranged-marriage_20120408022745The blog post is penned only for fun. It has no venomous intentions of any kind.. It is a fact, if not everywhere but at least in my homeland, India, that the moment a baby is born, parents start harbouring plans of marriage of the apple of their eyes. Nothing wrong with it, but at times it gets too much. To me, it often seems MARRIAGES are the ‘be all’ and ‘end all’ and yes truthfully I detest it… So here I am, with my funny analogies and perspective over marriages: Love and Arranged

Statutory Warning: You are done for life after marriages, whether LOVE or ARRANGED.

Love Marriage: YOU stumble on a person, find him/her a little different; oblivion of the fact that the same difference will unnerve you shortly; make deliberate efforts to know each other, start liking him/her with all imperfections in due time ’cause you don’t have too many choices left at your disposal, soon you fall in love for it’s too late to find a better one and also ‘cause you are too busy to dedicate your precious time in such dim-witted stuff, anew. Clueless of what’s going to befall on you, you finally decide to marry your love with whom you are supposedly to fight all lifelong.

Arranged Marriage: One fine day your PARENTS ask you to get dressed up at your best and walk along with them. Like an exclusive work of genius you are either displayed or are made to watch the display, like a potential buyer. After a lot of bargain, the business deal is signed in the name of God, as if the Almighty will have time to make peace over trivial duel (verbal or physical) between/among the parties. The most surprising fact being, the actual business partners are not the ones who will bear each other for the rest of the life rather they are the ones who will stay at a distance and give expert comments and pass judgement over ways to shape the relationship, almost forgetting that their own was a complete failure and no less a tragedy. After a detailed discussion over debatable NOC & LOC, the marriage is accomplished without a moment’s consideration on the choices of the user or the specifications of the product (you & your life partner). Your wish, whims, fancies and what not, goes down the drain. Hilarious being that you are expected to like and love the soul mate thrust upon you while you are still taking pains to know your better half who is no better than yourself in any term absolutely. Ultimately, you end your entire life in ‘still trying to know you’ mode.

4 thoughts on “For a Laugh: Love Marriage VS Arranged Marriage

  1. As expected it was too gud but you can still do much better. For me whether its a love or arrange marraige, the end result is all same that you are still in the “trying to know mode.”

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