Why is Life’s Like That??

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Many a times do I wonder why do we have all sorts of verbal abuses woven around a woman and a language seems no barrier to it. Is it like a woman is not worthy of any standing or status or is it like a woman is the sole embodiment of honour, prestige and repute of a family and ill remarks on them will bring the family to shame?Be it any of the two, it’s a woman; most of the time; who has to bear the brunt of an insensitive patriarchal society or say ‘oversensitive’ male territory where inflicting women folk with unkind and inconsiderate words is always the call? Quite often than not I hear people (no exception to either of the sexes) saying, “You’d know it better if something like this”; in special reference to eve teasing and rape in the worst case; “had happened with your mother, sister or wife (a girlfriend is not made a reference to ’cause supposedly she is not even good enough for the comparison, may be due to the fact that she is looked upon as a friend with special benefits)!” I really don’t get it. Well, I agree the men in the lives of the rape victims (women) would be hurt, emotionally choked but will it not be a woman who’ll be traumatized the most?? My impression of such things has always been that a woman is a soft target at all times and none will want to miss a chance, only expect a few? I may be wrong but this is my observation and somewhere the societal day to day occurrences have caused this. I really wish to change my thought process and I am most willing and eager to do so but I am always left disappointed..

P.S: I don’t appreciate verbal abuses of any kind but if it has to be then let’s replace it with something that has nothing to do with a woman at least!! This doesn’t seem to be a task, expectantly. 

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