Life..Oh Life!!


LIFE, you are so unpredictable…
I remember there was a time when I laughed at you. I mocked at you saying, “Who are you?? You have nothing of your own. It’s me who controls you. It’s me whom you have to abide by. It’s me whose instruction you must follow.”

You took no time and turned everything topsy turvy down. You made me kneel before you and beg you. You made me realize that I am a petty creature with a sorry state. I was so wrong in judging you. And now, I lay in front of you in a sorry state.

I hate you when you scoff at me harder, pointing out your fingers at me and saying, “Hey look you stupid creature, it’s me who makes you live in the realm of delusion. I control you and decide things for you. You always have to bow before me and there is no way out. You are helpless. Strange are my ways and you’ll never be able to understand. For heaven’s sake accept the reality that I have you at my mercy and never the other way….”

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