BFF: Best Friend/s Forever: I Owe You My Life



In life we come across infinite number of people.. Some we remember and cherish to be with. Others just slip off the memory and heart in due course of time..

There is a third kind too..

They become a part of us, move with you like us like our shadow with the only difference that they don’t leave us even in darkest night, thickest mist, grey clouds, heavy shower and tempest. They walk with us, not way ahead or lag behind, through every trials and tribulation. Their heart miss a beat to see tears in our eyes and rejoice profoundly at our smiles. They are ready to wage a war against everyone who comes our way and are surely to give their hearts to those who care for us. But they are the ones who criticize us to the worst, at our new found stupidity and make us feel ashamed at our long lost sensibility.

They are a treasure to have, more valued than any solitaire, gem or jewel. I am blessed to have earned such buddies in life who mean the world to me, more than anything. Not that l will stop living when they tear away from me but I simply won’t let them go ever ’cause life is much more beautiful with them around me… Thanks for making my life so valued.. 

And that’s what make me say… “Life’s Like That!!”

10 thoughts on “BFF: Best Friend/s Forever: I Owe You My Life

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    • Thank you Margie for reading the post. It feels good when your work is appreciated.I will definitely follow your tip. Stay tuned. Well, if you have some spare time you may go through my recent post “The Note from a Woman”. Thanks once again


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